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•    Swivel seat (with memory return)
•    Wood accent available in 5 colors
•    Ultra-sturdy steel frame
•    Well-cushioned seat



  • W 16 3/4″
  • D 20″
  • H 37″
  • S 26 1/4″


  • W 16 3/4″
  • D 20″
  • H 41″
  • S 30 1/4″


Customize your product

A fascinating world of creativity opens up; the line features a generous palette of metals, woods and coverings to work with. We provide the inspiration, you provide the look.



24 Magnetite25 Black coral27 Sun gold37 Mat black51 Harley52 Oxidado53 Dayglam56 Titanium57 Metallo58 Sienna59 Antique brass63 Snow73 Mineral74 Falcon75 Cobrizo


03 Black10 Mud11 Grizzly15 Saddle16 ShadowA8 TiloAI ShorelineAN MercuryB4 PepperBA SleetB7 SoyaBH Creme bruleeBI RitzyBJ VertexBK TopazBL CitrineBM NightfallBN SeaweedC7 WheatCB PebbleCD BarcodeCG ViperCH ChameleonCJ CobraCK LadylikeD8 BarkDA InkDB OysterDC RivieraDD StratusDE EclipseDF NavyDG GarnetDH BlizzardDN ElephantDP PanacheDS ArmourDT AquamarineE8 NovaE9 SaharaEA AmazonEB PewterEC RodeoED TwistEF CoffegatorEH PumbaEJ ShimmerGK GlistenGL RavenGM BrowncowGN BlackcowGO MotleyGP OverlayGQ WaffleGR FlintHB FlameHC CoalHD SlateHE FreshHF CloudHG SkyHH SequoiaHK RiverHL CaviarHM HarvestHN BlushHO BiscuitHP PigeonHT ShiitakeHU BeachHV RoastedJ9 CoconutJD StreetJF PhoenixJG OrionK9 GlanceKB Geese


83 Tabaco85 Unfinished88 Choco95 Cognac97 Tawny98 Hazy
Weight 23 kg
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