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  • Swivel Stool
  • Ultra-sturdy steel frame
  • Well-cushioned seat and backrest


  • W 17 3/4″
  • D 21″
  • H 36 1/2″
  • S 26″


  • W 17 3/4″
  • D 21″
  • H 40 1/2″
  • S 30″


  • W 17 3/4″
  • D 21″
  • H 44 1/2″
  • S 34″

Customize your product

A fascinating world of creativity opens up; the line features a generous palette of metals, woods and coverings to work with. We provide the inspiration, you provide the look.


24 Magnetite

25 Black coral

27 Sun gold

37 Mat black

51 Harley
52 Oxidado

53 Dayglam

56 Titanium
57 Metallo

58 Sienna
59 Antique brass

63 Snow

73 Minera
74 Falcon

75 Cobrizo


B4 Pepper

BA Sleet
B7 Soya
BH Creme brulee

BI Ritzy

BJ Vertex
BK Topaz
BL Citrine

BM Nightfall

BN Seaweed
C7 Wheat

CB Pebble

CD Barcode

CG Viper

CH Chameleon

CJ Cobra

CK Ladylike

D8 Bark

DA Ink

DB Oyster
DC Riviera

DD Stratus
DE Eclipse
DF Navy

DG Garnet

DH Blizzard
DN Elephant
DP Panache

DS Armour
DT Aquamarine

E8 Nova
E9 Sahara
EA Amazon

EB Pewter
EC Rodeo
ED Twist
EF Coffegator
EH Pumba

EJ Shimmer

GK Glisten
GL Raven

GM Browncow

GN Blackcow

GO Motley

GP Overlay
GQ Waffle

GR Flint

HB Flame

HC Coal

HD Slate

HE Fresh

HF Cloud

HG Sky
HH Sequoia

HK River
HL Caviar
HM Harvest

HN Blush
HO Biscuit

HP Pigeon
HT Shiitake
HU Beach
HV Roasted

J9 Coconut
JD Street
JF Phoenix

JG Orion
K9 Glance
KB Geese

Distressed solid birch

84 Shady
86 Sand dust
87 Toasty
89 Stone dust45 Unfinished

Weight 23 kg


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